Please read this information which contains instructions and details which may help you to decide if you wish to apply.


We are aiming for a fully rounded programme for the showcase evening choosing acts that best fit together from a broad selection of disciplines rather than say predominantly aerial, juggling or acrobatic work. 

Everything is valued.  We want to encourage new performers in the early stages of their professional career.

We would expect to see:

  • technical competence
  • creativity 
  • strong performance skills


We are looking for creative talent in any aspect of the circus arts and for a combination of acts that would make a fabulous evening’s programme at the showcase.

Example disciplines are:

  • Aerial
  • Acrobatic 
  • Equilibristics
  • Manipulation
  • Clown/Theatre/movement/performance
  • The Unusualist (defies categorisation!)

Technical Specifications

Your act will need to work within the maximum dimensions of the performing space at Circomedia

The dimensions of the stage are:

Depth: (front to back) 9 metres

Width: (wing to wing)   7 metres

Height: 10 metre overall height – 8 metre performance clearance

Terms and Conditions

All applicants are required to have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions which can be found here.


Applicants can be nominated or can nominate themselves by submitting a short YouTube video clip of their performance (max 5 minutes), three photos of the act/performers, short biographies of each performer (100 words) and the completed application form. 


Submit a YouTube video of your work, no more than five minutes long and no less than three minutes long. Ideally it should be a filmed performance, but a filmed rehearsal (unbroken) is also acceptable. It can be an extract, but it must be continuous (ie not stitched clips) and it must be the same content as that which would be performed if you are shortlisted. Remember, the shortlisting panel will view this video as the primary channel for shortlisting the finalists, so submit a film that presents you in the best light.  Think about sound and video quality, the lighting and how well it illustrates your talents and skills. Please only submit videos via YouTube.


Upload three photographs: one Head Shot (publicity photograph) and two stills from a performance or rehearsal. Photos must be high resolution.  If photographers require credits, please list names to be credited on the application form (and describe which photo they took if multiple credits).

SHORTLISTED FINALISTS – What to expect and prepare if you are shortlisted

Shortlisted applicants will also be asked to:

  • sign an agreement of attendance  
  • provide a full Technical Specification
  • provide a Method Statement for their act
  • provide proof of Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • submit full details of all music used in your act (title and artist/s to be credited and receive royalties) for the Performing Rights Society
  • provide additional marketing material if required

We will require permission to use your submitted materials for the purposes of promoting The Richard Award.


There is limited space at Circomedia and all the acts will need to rehearse. To accommodate this need, all acts can rehearse on the stage for a maximum one hour on Rehearsal Day (15th November). There will be a full run-through of the programme on the afternoon of the performance day for final technical and lighting adjustments. There will be an open, group warm-up session (exact times tbc) prior to the house opening at 6.45 pm.


There is very limited backstage space and dressing room facilities at Circomedia and we need to accommodate a large number of people during rehearsals, warm up and the performance day.  All dressing room facilities are shared. Please help us by only bringing what you need for rehearsing, warming up and performing.


Vegetarian light bites and soft drinks will be provided early evening on performance day (16th November) for the finalists. Water is available at all times.  You will need to bring any other food you require on rehearsal day (15th) and during the day of 16th. 

Instructions for applying

Applicants can be nominated or can nominate themselves by submitting a short video clip of a performance (max 5 minutes), three photos of the act/performers, short biographies of each performer and completing the application form.

To apply you need to register to open an account with a username and a password.

The name you enter should be the (stage) name of the performer, or group of performers.

You will need to confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the Award.

This will lead you to the login page and you will see an icon with your performer/group name.

Click on the icon and you will then be prompted to upload a cover photo. Landscape photos are preferred.

You can adjust the view window on the photo

Then click on the Application cog and select: Application Edit Profile from the drop down menu. This will take you to the Application form.


If you are a solo performer please write your name in the Contact Name field (not a stage name)

If you are applying on behalf of a group please nominate one person to be the main contact and please don’t use the group stage name here.

Fill in all the fields. Click SUBMIT to enter.  You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt.


You can go back to your form at any time using your login details to amend or complete the information, add or change your photo or the video URL.


Your form must be completed and finalised by midnight on 5th August. After this date, no amendments will be possible.

Good Luck!