Instructions for applicants

 You need to register to open an account with a Username and a password.

The name you enter should be the (stage)name of the performer, or group of performers.

You will need to confirm that you have read and understood our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the Award.

This will lead you to the Login page and you will see an icon with your performer/group name.

Click on the icon and you will then be prompted to upload a cover photo. Landscape photos are preferred.

You can adjust the view window on the photo

Then click on the Application cog and select: Application Edit Profile from the drop down menu. This will take you to the Application form.


If you are a solo performer please write your name in the Contact Name field (not a stage name)

If you are applying on behalf of a group please nominate one person to be the main contact and please don’t use the group stage name here.

Fill in all the fields.

All applicants MUST upload a URL to either a YouTube or Vimeo video. (Please note, applications with no video link will NOT be considered).


Click SUBMIT to enter.  You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt.


You can go back to your form at any time using your login details to amend or complete the information, add or change your photo or the video URL.


Your form must be completed and finalised by midnight on 31st July. After this date, no amendments will be possible.

Good Luck!

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